About Us

JeepJeep.Tech started out like many small companies … with an idea. But, one idea became another, and another and, it soon became apparent to the team that there might be a market for those items to other like-minded folks like us.

Our team consists of Mechanical Designers, Software Engineers, Automation Designers, and a few other folks who have the same vision to develop and market unique products of the highest quality materials, based on the very best engineering that we can offer and, at an affordable price.

Our initial product offering will be limited as we want to insure that when new products are released, they are of the best quality. If we make a mistake, we’ll stand behind it and make it right. After all, we’re human. We’ll try to minimize those mistakes and, with your valuable feedback, we’ll have the very best products available in the market. Albeit they may be a little odd and different.

Also, besides the products that we manufacture, we’ll offer related third party items which we feel will add value to our products. Our intent is only to offer the highest quality products available. We will always maintain that position going forward.

We hope you like our products as much as we do.

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